for wellbeing & resilience

"In the right environment for you, you can thrive.

It's in more difficult environments that your wellbeing is challenged."


This way of thinking opens up a whole world of opportunities for wellbeing and resilience. Maybe wellbeing it isn't so much about fixing the complexities of the way your mind works. Perhaps it would be better to focus on discovering the right environment for you, one that supports positive wellbeing.

"Create your comfortable"


What is evenhood?

Like brother-hood, sister-hood and neighbour-hood,  evenhood offers a sense of togetherness. In the case of evenhood that sense of togetherness is that we are all equal, we are all even, we are all entitled to be ourselves and to be valued for who we are. Having a sense of evenhood provides the opportunity for organisations, groups and society to create a positive environment for wellbeing.

Resilience Training

Providing resilience training in a corporate or educational setting.

Empowering your people to manage their wellbeing and strengthen their resilience.

Wellbeing Coaching

Supporting individuals to discover their resilient resources, to be themselves and feel valued for who they are.

Inspirational Talks

Inspiring audiences to look at wellbeing from a different perspective - the environment, rather than the mind; and then showing them how to create a comfortable environment to support positive wellbeing.

Books for you
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