Boo-Bear's Favourite Things

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You're here because I've offered you a free copy of Boo-Bear's Favourite Things. The book is free to you, although it does cost Evenhood around £4 per copy to give it away for free. Do please scroll through the book online below and then use the 'request free book' button to ask for your free printed copy if you genuinely think Evenhood's approach would be useful for you.


Evenhood is a non-profit company and its purpose is to provide wellbeing support by helping people manage their wellbeing and strengthen their resilience.

“Boo-Bear’s Favourite Things” is designed to help younger readers think about how they feel. Little Readers: join Boo-Bear on a big adventure to discover his favourite things. Big Helpers: give your Little Readers a great gift in life, by helping them explore the four essential elements of a healthy mind.

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