Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching will . . . 

#1 Show you how to develop your resilient resources

#2 Help you identify your triggers

#3 Help you manage your wellbeing

#4 Allow you to have more effective wellbeing conversations


I am a staff representative in my organisation, and often support colleagues that are experiencing a lot of stress and uncertainty, as well as struggles with being able to balance work commitments and personal life/wellbeing. Jonathan has always been approachable and willing to provide further support by having meaningful conversations with these individuals. The feedback I have received from colleagues referred to him are extremely positive. They have instantly felt more at ease and less stressed after speaking to Jonathan, as well as more empowered to create a path for themselves. His help has been invaluable.

Georgina Deilaki - referred colleagues to Jonathan for coaching / support

About Jonathan Phelan

Author of "Be A More Resilient You" & "The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation"

Motivational Speaker | Resilience Trainer | Wellbeing Coach

Corporate Leader | Financial Services Expert | Lawyer 

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