"In the right environment for you, you can thrive. It's in more difficult environments that your wellbeing is challenged


This way of thinking opens up a whole world of opportunities for wellbeing and resilience. Maybe wellbeing support isn't so much about fixing the complexities of the way your mind works. Perhaps it would be better to focus on discovering the right environment for you, one that supports positive wellbeing."

Jonathan Phelan

Jonathan Phelan
wellbeing coach


leadership in financial services | resilience trainer | solicitor | executive coach | wellbeing coach | founder of Evenhood | author

Brotherhood, sisterhood and neighbourhood offer a sense of togetherness - and so does evenhood. With evenhood the sense of togetherness is that we are all even, we are all equally entitled to be ourselves and to be valued for who we are.


When people treat each other with evenhood then everyone has a fulfilled sense of purpose - they can perform and be effective in an environment that supports positive wellbeing.

Jonathan Phelan

with Evenhood

Jonathan's approach to supporting you as your wellbeing coach is set out in his book, 'Be A More Resilient You!' which you can read here to see how it might benefit you and your wellbeing.

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