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Evenhood is revolutionising support for wellbeing & resilience in two straightforward ways.

Live in Evenhood

Evenhood is more than just the name of an organisation.  Evenhood is about how we live our lives together.  When we live in Evenhood, we care for each other as equals; we offer support; we listen with a non-judgemental ear and we allow others to be themselves.  Living in Evenhood is the first step towards supporting wellbeing & resilience in others.



wellbeing & resilience

Have More Effective Conversations

It's tough to talk about something as personal, emotional and complex as the way the mind works. This seems like something we should leave to the medically trained experts.

Even though expert support can be absolutely necessary and appropriate, it is also possible for us all to offer support for wellbeing & resilience if we provide support in a different way. Wellbeing isn't just about what happens in our mind; it's also about what happens around us.  You ARE an expert in what happens around other people. And they ARE experts in what happens around you. The situations and environments that you create for each other all impact wellbeing.

Evenhood helps people have more effective, 'mentally healthy conversations' about wellbeing, where everyone in the conversation is an expert. A more effective, supportive conversation is one where we talk about those environments that are challenging, so that we can help each other avoid them or minimise our experience of them. It is where we talk about those environments that are supportive of our wellbeing, so we can help each other experience those positive environments more.  And it is where we talk about our skills, talents & abilities, so we can help others to live a purposeful life by using their skills to the fullest extent.​

When we have these conversations with a sense of Evenhood, then we can offer support for wellbeing.

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