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Developing A Resilient Culture

with Jonathan Phelan

Create an inclusive culture that supports diversity of input, positive wellbeing and inclusion for all 

This flexible half day training is designed to help leaders and people managers create a positive culture - one that encourages people to be themselves and values them as they are. The intended outcome is that your people will reach their full potential and perform with a sense of purpose. Your organisation will achieve higher levels of satisfaction by creating an environment that welcomes diversity of input, positive wellbeing and inclusion for all.

The content of the training includes:

  • how to have supportive coaching conversations

  • what a culture of evenhood means

  • the benefits of encouraging people to be themselves and feel valued as they are

  • exploring diversity of thinking and diversity of input

  • understanding what resilience means to different people

  • creating environments that support resilience

  • how to support positive wellbeing by having mentally healthy conversations 

Delivery of training is by combination of story-telling, practical exercises and group discussion.

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