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The Evenhood Card®

created to help you have a mentally healthy conversation

You can use this Evenhood Card to talk to others and get support for your wellbeing. 

Conversations about wellbeing can be difficult and are best had with someone qualified to talk about the complexities of the way the mind works. 


But conversations about the daily environment you experience are far easier. Anyone you see on a regular basis can help you have an environment that works well for you, so that you can be yourself and do what you are good at.


This Evenhood Card helps you focus on the things in your daily environment that can make a positive difference to how you feel.


Give it a go - download the Evenhood Card and fill it in to identify that sort of situations that help you manage your wellbeing and maintain your resilience. If you'd like some help working these things out, try the Wellbeing Journal (it's free) in the Books section.

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