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Dear Visitor


Below you'll find my Evenhood Card to you​ - I hope it supports your wellbeing.

The Evenhood Card brings together everything that Evenhood aims to offer. It encourages us to live in evenhood, to offer each other everyday support for wellbeing in the best way that we can - by creating the right environments for each other to live in.

There are free digital Evenhood Cards for you to give to someone else, and offer them your support.  There are also free Evenhood Cards for you to give to someone else to ask for their support. I make the free digital Evenhood Cards so that as many people as possible can get the support they need for their wellbeing.  It will help me to keep Evenhood going if you make a Donation of any amount, however small, where you can.

I wish you all the v best


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To offer support or to ask for support

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