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Resilience & Wellbeing

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Here is a series of 12 free training videos for managers and leaders.  They are designed to help you support your team members and employees to manage their wellbeing, strengthen their resilience and get support for their mental wellbeing.

How to get support for your mental wellbeing
Programme 1
What does it mean to live in evenhood?
Programme 2
What is a
Mentally UnHealthy Conversation?
Programme 3
What is it like to receive
Stigma and Lack of Support?
Programme 4
What can we learn from a film called The Fisher King?
Programme 5
How to have a
Mentally Healthy Conversation?
Programme 6
What does "resilience" mean to you?
Coming Soon - in production
Programme 7
Tools and techniques to discover
which situations influence your wellbeing the most.
Coming Soon - in production
Programme 8
Techniques to manage your wellbeing.
Coming Soon - in production
Programme 9
Brain Training for resilience.
Coming Soon - in production
Programme 10
Focus on skills, talents and abilities.
Coming Soon - in production
Programme 11
The benefits of using an
Evenhood Card.
Coming Soon - in production
Programme 12
Anchor yourself in your
resilient resources
Coming Soon - in production
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