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Dear Visitor


There is a damaging myth that exists from the moment we are born to the moment we die.  That is the myth of “normal”.


I’d like to invite you to embrace the idea that there is no such thing as normal. That's because once we decide that something is normal, then we automatically relegate everything else to being not normal.  This is destructive of wellbeing.


You are a wonderful human being. We all are.


We are, of course, different to each other.  That is because we have an astonishingly unique mix of chemistry and biology.  No two people are alike, starting with the basic building blocks of life contained in our DNA.  Coupled with this we have incredibly different experiences in life, which all shape the way we think, feel and behave.


If no two people are completely the same, there really cannot be a normal.  Normal is a myth dreamt up by those who wish to be considered superior or better in some way.


In reality, there are as many versions of normal as there are people in the world.


The damaging myth of normal is an aspect of our environment that we need to replace with a sense of evenhood.


Evenhood celebrates togetherness in the same way as we celebrate the togetherness of brotherhood, sisterhood and neighbourhood.  In the case of evenhood the thing that we can celebrate together is that we are all even, we are all equal - we all have evenhood. 

When we live in evenhood, we care for each other as equals; we offer support; we listen with a non-judgemental ear and we encourage others to be themselves. Living in evenhood is the first step towards supporting wellbeing & resilience in others.​

Evenhood means that we can all be ourselves and we can support each other to be ourselves; without judgement, without accusation, without a sense of superiority or inferiority.  With evenhood you instantly gain a respect, admiration and love for all other people around you.  


It is our belief that we are all equal, we are all even and we can all live in evenhood.


Let’s dispel the myth of normal.


Let’s create the togetherness of evenhood.

When you have a conversation or interaction with someone who you truly consider to be a complete equal to you; that's when you can support their wellbeing and help them be resilient.  You won't presume that you are better than they are.  You won't regard them as someone who is weak and in need of your help.  You won't be inclined to offer advice, instruction or an opinion. You will appreciate that the way they feel, act & behave is a result of their complex and unfathomable mix of biology and their lifetime of experiences.  It's not possible to understand all of that.  And so it's not possible to offer meaningful insights, advice and opinions.

So what's left when you strip away all of that?

What's left is the ability to listen, with a non-judgemental ear.

And now you have discovered exactly what it is that people with wellbeing challenges need from you. A willingness to listen. Non-judgementally.  And to be accepted for who they are.

Living in Evenhood is the first step to being able to provide support for wellbeing.

I wish you all the v best


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