Jonathan Phelan

Founder of Evenhood

"Anyone can be an expert in wellbeing & resilience - leaders, managers, colleagues, tutors, teachers, students, pupils, friends and partners. They just need to nudge the conversation away from the complexities of the way the mind works and instead focus on helping people have the right environment that supports positive wellbeing."


I know what it's like to hide a mental health condition for fear of stigma. And I know what it's like to ask for help from others, but instead get stigma and lack of support. As a long-time leader in a large financial services organisation I also know what it's like to try and support someone who has wellbeing challenges.


From this combination of experience I discovered that talking about conditions, symptoms and meds is complex, emotional and so medicalised that most people don't feel they can give or get support.

And so I went on a quest. My Holy Grail was to find a solution to this problem. What I discovered was so amazing that I launched Evenhood and made it Evenhood's purpose to help people manage their wellbeing, strengthen their resilience and have mentally healthy conversations which result in support, rather than stigma.

"To manage your mental wellbeing, strengthen your resilience and to be yourself, you need to focus on the environments you experience in your daily lives."