Jonathan Phelan

Founder of Evenhood

"Show someone some evenhood today by encouraging them to be themselves and value them just as they are. When you do this, you create a culture that enables diversity of input, supports positive wellbeing and delivers inclusion for all."


As a long-time leader in a large financial services organisation I know about the challenges of supporting diversity, creating an environment in which people feel included, helping people to stay resilient and supporting positive wellbeing. As someone with a mental health condition brought on following a traumatic child bereavement, I also know what it's like to hide a part of who I really am for fear of stigma and to try and make the effort to be something that I am not, just so that I can 'fit-in'.


From this combination of experience I went on a Holy Grail journey of my own and discovered the benefits of a culture of evenhood. 

In a culture of evenhood people are encouraged to be themselves, they feel valued for who they are and this supports diversity of input, positive wellbeing and inclusion for all. Moreover, the organisational benefits are tremendous as people are enabled to perform to their full potential with a fulfilled sense of purpose.

"To support performance with purpose, to enable people to stay resilient, to encourage diversity of input and inclusion for all, to enable positive wellbeing - you need to focus on encouraging people to be themselves in an environment that works for them."