Mentally Healthy Conversations

You can achieve lasting change for mental wellbeing by being able to have mentally healthy conversations.

Conversations about mental health usually focus on conditions, symptoms and medication. These conversations often don't go well, probably because the people you talk to generally aren't experts in how the mind works.

It helps to talk with other people about the things they CAN help you with. And the best thing that they CAN help with is to help make sure you get a daily environment that suits you best. That's because in the right environment you feel comfortable and do well.


"A mentally healthy conversation is one that focuses on the situations we encounter in our daily lives. Everyone we talk to is an expert in that." 

You may have read the story about Resilient Trevor which helps to illustrate the point that it is much better to focus on situations than conditions, symptoms and medication.

Mentally healthy conversations happen when you talk to people you live, work, study or socialise with about environments that you find challenging. Other people can help you avoid these situations or minimise your experience of them. 

Then you can talk about those situations that are supportive of your wellbeing and help you stay resilient.  Other people can help you experience those positive environments more.  


Finally, you can talk about your skills, talents & abilities. Other people can help you feel purposeful by enabling you to use your skills, talents & abilities to the fullest extent.​


"When we have these conversations with a sense of evenhood, then we can give and get support for wellbeing."

If you’d like to learn more about this approach, this website has a number of free tools and techniques for you to use.  Try reading 'Be A More Resilient You!' (it's free and takes just 90 minutes to read). This wellbeing guide helps you to develop a wellbeing plan by self-reflection and making choices about how to create the sort of environment around you that you find most supportive for your wellbeing. You can also record your wellbeing plan in a free Evenhood Card which helps you get support from others for your wellbeing, as well as help you stay on top of your wellbeing.

All the v best


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