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Are you interested in discovering more about how you can manage your mental wellbeing, strengthen your resilience and support others to do the same?

Conversations about mental health often focus on conditions, symptoms and medication. These often don't go well, probably because the people we talk to generally aren't experts in how the mind works.


"A mentally healthy conversation is one that focuses on the situations we encounter in our daily lives. Everyone we talk to is an expert in that. " 


They can help make sure we get the environments that help us to feel supported and resilient. And they can help us avoid more challenging environments.

You may have read the story about Resilient Trevor which helps to illustrate the point that it is much better to focus on situations than conditions, symptoms and medication.

Mentally healthy conversations happen when we talk to people we live, work, study or socialise with about environments that we find challenging. We can help each other avoid them or minimise our experience of them. 

Then we can talk about those situations that are supportive of our wellbeing and help us stay resilient.  We can help each other experience those positive environments more.  


Finally, we can talk about our skills, talents & abilities. We can help others to live a purposeful life by using their skills to the fullest extent.​

"When we have these conversations with a sense of evenhood, then we can give and get support for wellbeing."

If you’d like to learn more about this approach, this website has a number of free tools and techniques for you to use.  You can also create and send a free Evenhood Card to help you to start a mentally healthy conversation to give or get support for wellbeing.

I wish you all the v best


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