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Welcome to Evenhood. My aim is to help you achieve lasting change for your mental wellbeing.

I'll start by challenging the belief that your mental wellbeing is all about your mind; and that if things go wrong, the solution lies only in science, medicine and therapy. This way of thinking is limiting.


Your mental wellbeing is affected by your environment too.  In the right environment you can be yourself, you feel more comfortable and you do well.  In more challenging environments, you may struggle.


This different way of thinking opens up a world of new and easier possibilities to help you achieve lasting change.  There's so much that you and others around you can do to help you live in an environment that suits you better. 

"Evenhood's purpose is to help you manage your wellbeing, strengthen your resilience and have mentally healthy conversations with others, to get their support."  

Everything Evenhood does is freely available to you online. So go ahead and explore the website and let Evenhood change your mind about mental wellbeing. Start by reading about the three key ingredients you need to help you achieve lasting change for mental wellbeing: read about Resilient Trevor and discover how your wellbeing is as much about your environment as it is about your mind; discover how to have mentally healthy conversations to help you get support from others; and learn how having a mindset based in Evenhood helps you to achieve lasting change.

This is all free for you to use. If you can drop me a line to show your appreciation for Evenhood, I would find that very rewarding. 

The Evenhood Way

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