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Build back better: workplace wellbeing

Explore some thought-provoking ideas to help workplaces build a better offering for workplace wellbeing post-lockdown.


My mental health credentials

When it comes to mental health it's important to make sure that you only get support from someone who has the right qualifications. Or is it? Explore this fundamental question by reading Jonathan's article about his mental health credentials.


Synopsis of 'The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation' by Jonathan Phelan ©2021, published by Evenhood

A short synopsis of the book that tells the story of the author's search for his holy grail - how to give and get support for mental wellbeing. This book offers readers a practical, workable solution - born of the author’s experience, observations and learnings. The outcome is that ordinary people can do extraordinary things to give and get support for wellbeing. The book is relevant to many, particularly in current pandemic-affected times.

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How to create a best in class wellbeing offering

Organisations that aspire to be an ‘employer of choice’ need to offer best-in-class support for employee wellbeing. Let’s explore what this looks like.

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Mental health support - practical, effective & now . . . free!

Evenhood's range of mental health support is free to use for everyone. Read any of our books for free online. Download and print our wellbeing journal and evenhood cards

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Evenhood's Offer to Support Student Mental Health

Evenhood offers Universities a ‘Licence to Print’ its wellbeing workbook "Be A More Resilient You!", to help support the student wellbeing.

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Evenhood publishes second edition of 'Be A More Resilient You!'

Evenhood's successful wellbeing workbook, 'Be A More Resilient You!' is now available in its second edition. Updated with additional tools and a freshly designed Evenhood Card. The workbook provides people with the support they need to manage their mental wellbeing and strengthen their resilience.

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Evenhood publishes "Boo-Bear's Favourite Things"

Supporting the mental wellbeing of our younger generation, "Boo-Bear's Favourite Things" is designed to help your Little Readers explore how they feel about the situations they face in life. It is also designed for Big Helpers, so that you can help your Little Readers develop the four essential elements of a healthy mind.

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Evenhood launches Evenhood Card

Free to download and print from the Evenhood website, the Evenhood Card has been freshly designed for 2020. For those unfamiliar with it, the Evenhood Card captures the situations that help you manage your wellbeing and stay resilient. You can use it as a reminder of your wellbeing plan and you can share it with others to get their support for your wellbeing.

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Meet Resilient Trevor - Evenhood's Wellbeing Hero


Resilient Trevor is a silverback gorilla and a prime example of an animal you might think of as resilient. Read about Resilient Trevor and discover a different way to think about mental wellbeing.

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