Coronavirus + Changes at Work = ?

Manage your mental health in the coming weeks and know how to support others.

We may head into uncharted territory over the coming weeks in our working environments.

Changing environments place stress on wellbeing.

I’ve heard this already from my wellbeing coaching clients and others. You’ve probably heard it too.

Physical connections may be lost through home-working. Anxieties about health may increase. Reassuring routines may be interrupted. Confidence may be knocked.

If you’re wondering what you can do to support the wellbeing of your colleagues…try this. The Evenhood Card distills everything I do on wellbeing into one succinct package. It tells the person you give it to that you care and want to support them. It highlights how you can help. It asks them to talk about situations they find challenging, so you can take action to alleviate the impact. It asks them to talk about situations they find supportive, so you can take action to help offer these. It does this with a sense of togetherness that is evenhood — that you care about them and value them as individuals with equality, respect and kindness.

If you want to offer support, try sending an Evenhood Card, or something like it. You can get one from They’re free to send electronically. I do this to give support, not to gain profit.