How to maintain mental health

Somewhere around the end-point of the year I take an interest in those annual reviews of the year that you commonly come across in the media. Google's review of top search terms offers an especially good insight into what the world took an interest in each year. Despite 2021 being a year of challenges, there's a lot of heart-warming stuff to discover in Google's summary of 2021. I was pleased to discover that Google's summary shows an increased global focus on kindness, positivity, mutual support, conservation and wellbeing.

I took a particular interest in discovering that the search term "how to maintain mental health?" spiked this year. This question was searched globally more than ever before in 2021.

This is a big deal for me and it may well be for you too. Wellbeing is arguably the single-most important thing we possess and we live in a world that either challenges or supports the way we feel. Given what the past couple of years have thrown in our direction, no wonder that the answer to the question of "how to maintain mental health?" has been so sought after in 2021. I carry a deep hope that 2022 provides answers to those embarking on this particular search.

If you want a tip from a guy who has been on this journey and who coaches others on theirs; let me share this with you:

Your wellbeing isn't just about the way your mind works, it's about your environment too - your workplace, your home and your social environment. In the right environment for you, you can do well. It's in more challenging environments that your wellbeing might be affected. I believe that everyone is entitled to be themselves and to be valued for who they are; and this, in part, involves having an environment that you feel comfortable in.