Mental Wellbeing - A Better Way

Dear you ​ Welcome to Evenhood.  If you're here to find a way of getting support for your own mental health or wellbeing, you'll find the help you need. And if you're trying to find a way of supporting someone else, this is where you'll find some answers about how you can best do that. I want to support as many people as possible, so I've made this site accessible and free to use.  You'll find tools, tips, techniques, articles and Evenhood Cards which you can personalise.

Evenhood will give you two things. ​ The first is that you'll discover how to have a 'mentally healthy conversation' which is far more likely to result in support.  If we talk about the situations we encounter in our everyday lives we are much more likely to get support for wellbeing than if we talk about conditions, symptoms and medication.  Most wellbeing conversations focus on these complex, emotional and medical factors and this tends to produce poorer outcomes for support because people generally aren't experts in the way the mind works. ​ If we focus conversations on the things going on in our daily environments, then we are all experts.  We can help others by creating an environment for them that doesn't include situations that they find challenging.  And we can help others by creating an environment that they feel more comfortable and resilient in. ​ The second thing you'll get is this: you'll discover that when we live in evenhood our ability to give and get support for wellbeing is magnified considerably. Evenhood isn't just the name of an organisation - it's a way of living and interacting with the people around us.  Evenhood celebrates togetherness in the same was as we celebrate the togetherness of brotherhood, sisterhood and neighbourhood.  In the case of evenhood the thing that we can celebrate together is that we are all even, we are all equal - we all have evenhood. Living in evenhood means that we regard each other as the wonderful human beings that we are.  Each of us is completely unique.  We are different to each other, but we are all equal to each other. When we regard each other as equals, our wellbeing is improved dramatically.  When we live in evenhood we offer support; we listen with a non-judgemental ear and we encourage others to be themselves. Living in evenhood means that we can support each other without a sense of superiority or inferiority. ​ And so . . . when we have more effective wellbeing conversations with a sense of evenhood . . . that's when we can give and get support for wellbeing. ​ Visit Evenhood at if you'd like to discover more about how to have a mentally healthy conversation, what it means to live in evenhood. The website is free and accessible with lots of articles tools and Evenhood Cards for you to share and help you kick-start a wellbeing conversation.

All the v best