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Mental Wellbeing Book - Can you help?

I'm looking for people who are happy to provide anonymous case studies for a book which is currently in advanced draft. The book is focused on how we can improve the way we talk about our mental wellbeing and achieve support, rather than stigma. The book will be used to support Training on how managers, tutors and teachers can have better conversations about mental wellbeing.

Who can help?

Employees, students or pupils with wellbeing challenges. And people managers, university tutors or school teachers.

How can you help?

By sharing your anonymised story of how mental wellbeing is handled in your workplace, university or school. This may be from the perspective of having a mental wellbeing challenge. Or it may be based on your experience as a manager, university tutor or teacher.

What shall I do now?

Send an email to and I will send you more information about how you can help and arrange a time for a conversation.

What will happen next?

We will then work together on how you can have better conversations about mental wellbeing so that we can explore how this improves your situation.

Imagine how it would feel to learn a whole new way of talking about mental health - where the conversation shifts from the negative, complex and emotional.  Where the conversation instead focuses on the practical things that can be done to manage the challenges.

You can get the support you need to help you manage your condition, so that you can gain resilience and perform to your best. And you can be a great line manager, personal tutor, teacher, parent, friend or colleague and help someone get the support they need.​


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