Resilient Trevor

Would you like to find a different and more effective way of supporting your mental wellbeing?


I challenge the limiting belief that mental health is all about your mind; and that when things go wrong, only science, medicine and therapy can help.

Your mental wellbeing is also about your environment. In the right environment for you; you feel comfortable, you do well and can thrive. In more challenging environments, you may struggle.


Let's see this play out through an example. Think about the most resilient creature you can imagine. If I were asked this question I'd choose a chunky-looking silver-backed gorilla, who I'll call Resilient Trevor.  

Could we put Resilient Trevor in the Antarctic and expect him to stay resilient? And could we help him in this challenging environment, by trying to fix his chemistry, biology and psychology to help him adapt to living in the Antarctic?


Or would it just be easier, as well as kinder, to move him to a more comfortable environment?

In just the same way, we can't expect to put you in an environment that has a bad effect on your wellbeing. And if you do find yourself in a harsh and challenging environment, we shouldn't think that the problem is with the way your mind works.

Fixing your environment is so much easier than fixing your mind. What's more, other people find it easier to help you too.  The people you interact with on a daily basis are experts in the sort of things you face on a daily basis. They can give you the things that help you have a good day.

Evenhood is here to help you change your mind about mental wellbeing - for the better. Explore how you can take practical and effective steps to build an environment that supports your wellbeing.