The Art of the

Mentally Healthy Conversation

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You're here because I've offered you a free copy of ‘The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation’.  The book is free to you, although it does cost Evenhood around £4 per copy to give it away for free. Do scroll through the book online below and then use the 'request free book' button to ask for your free printed copy if you genuinely think the book would be useful for you.


Evenhood is a non-profit company and its purpose is to provide wellbeing support by helping people manage their wellbeing and strengthen their resilience.

Now in its second edition, ‘The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation’ invites you to join me on my quest to find my Holy Grail. This is a quest that you may have in life too - how on earth do you talk to someone else about something so complex as mental health when neither of you are trained in the way the mind works?


In this book, you’ll play the role of my boss and join me on my quest so that together you can discover the art of the mentally healthy conversation. You'll discover that mental health isn't just about the complexities of the way the mind works. It's about your environment too. In the right environment for you, you can do well. It's in more challenging environments that you might struggle.

Once you look at mental health in this non-medicalised way, a whole range of opportunities arise. There's so much that you and others around you can do to help you create an environment that supports positive mental wellbeing.

Explore the book below and if you like what you see, use the button to email Jonathan to request your free copy.

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