Developing a Personal Resilience Strategy

Strategies to help you develop your resilience and maintain your wellbeing.

Achieving a more resilient you involves gaining a deeper understanding of what makes you resilient and what challenges your resilience.  Read more about how to develop greater resilience.

For clerks and staff
For pupils and students

Talking about your wellbeing

How to have effective conversations about wellbeing.

An effective wellbeing conversation about wellbeing is one that results in support.  This can be best achieved by focusing on the things that challenge your resilience and the things that help you maintain your resilience. Discover how to talk about wellbeing in a more effective way.

For clerks and staff
For pupils and students

Resilience & Wellbeing support from Evenhood

An interview with Jonathan Phelan - advocate for resilience and wellbeing.

Jonathan is a solicitor and part of the senior leadership team of a large financial services organisation.  He also runs Evenhood, a social enterprise which provides support for organisations that aim to improve Resilience & Wellbeing. Through Evenhood, Jonathan is a passionate advocate for more effective wellbeing conversations and developing strategies to improve resilience.

Strategies to Strengthen Resilience in Challenging Situations

Here are some suggestions to help you maintain your wellbeing and develop resilience when you find yourself in challenging situations.

Explore three techniques that will help you strengthen your personal resilience when things are tough.