What is Evenhood?


Having the right mindset - for you and the people you regularly interact with - helps you achieve lasting change for mental wellbeing. And the right mindset is a mindset based in evenhood.


When you and I live in evenhood, then I see you as the wonderful human being that you are. I not only want you to be yourself. I value you for who you are. You're not judged and you're not expected to try to be something that you're not, just to 'fit in'. Instead you're respected for being yourself.


You are a unique mix of complex chemistry & biology. The way you think, act and behave is influenced by the millions of experiences you have had in life. When you and I live in evenhood, I don't look for differences between us and judge whether you are in some way a threat, inferior or less valuable than me. Instead, in evenhood, we value each other as equals.


"You are a wonderful human being. We all are."


Evenhood celebrates togetherness in the same way that we celebrate the togetherness of brotherhood, sisterhood and neighbourhood.  In the case of evenhood, the thing that we can celebrate together is that we are all even, we are all equal, we all have evenhood. 

"When we live in evenhood, we show kindness, respect, compassion and understanding.  We care for each other; we offer support; we aren't judgemental and we encourage others to be themselves.​"

​Our humanity is lost when look for differences in other people, and judge them less favourably as a result. We show our humanity when we embrace our differences and know that together we create something more powerful than if we act alone or surround ourselves only with people who are the same as us.


When we have a mindset based in evenhood then we care for each other and we care for ourselves too.  We don't exhaust ourselves trying to meet someone else's definition of normal.  We can be ourselves and feel valued for who we are.


That is what living in evenhood is all about.

All the v best


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