Wellbeing & Resilience Workbook

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You're here because I've offered you a free copy of this Wellbeing & Resilience Workbook. The book is free to you, although it does cost Evenhood around £4 per copy to give it away for free. Do please scroll through the book online below and then use the 'request free book' button to ask for a printed copy if you genuinely think Evenhood's approach would be useful for you.


Evenhood is a non-profit company and its purpose is to provide wellbeing support by helping people manage their wellbeing and strengthen their resilience.

Designed for teenagers and young adults the Wellbeing and Resilience Workbook challenges the belief that mental health is all about the complexities of the way our mind works; and that when things go wrong, the solution lies only in science, medicine and therapy. As it says in the workbook: "your mental wellbeing is affected by your daily environment too. In the right environment for you, you feel comfortable and can do well. In more challenging environments you may struggle". 


The workbook gives the reader 12 practical and straightforward steps to help them discover the environments that have the biggest impact on their wellbeing. They then get a series of tools and techniques to help them make choices about how to manage their wellbeing and strengthen their resilience.


The Wellbeing and Resilience Workbook helps the reader change the way they think about wellbeing and allows them to create an environment that enables them to be themselves and feel valued for who they are.

Explore the book below and if you like what you see, use the button to email Jonathan to request your free copy.

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