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Welcome to Evenhood.  In recent years there has been a really positive effort to raise awareness about mental health.  To build on this, we need to increase the range of solutions so that people can get the support they need.  People need to know how to take action in a practical and workable way to manage their mental wellbeing, strengthen their resilience and provide support to others.


With this in mind, I developed Evenhood some years ago after I went through a mental health challenge of my own, following a child bereavement.  


"Evenhood's purpose is to help people manage their own mental wellbeing, strengthen their resilience and provide support to others."  


Evenhood is a social enterprise - designed to provide support, not to gain profit.  I want to support as many people as possible, so I've made this site accessible and free to use.  You'll find tools, tips, techniques, books, articles and Evenhood Cards®.


Evenhood will give you two things.  The first is this:

"You'll discover how you can take control of your mental health by making sure that you are in the right environment to support your mental wellbeing."


Our mental health is impacted by the environments we live in.  Once we begin to explore this, then we are much more likely to be able to manage our wellbeing. 

And we can help others too, by creating an environment that they feel more comfortable and resilient in.


The second thing that you'll get is this:

"You'll discover how a mindset based in evenhood will help you to be yourself, and to allow others to be themselves too."


A mindset based in evenhood means that we think of ourselves and others with kindess, respect, compassion and understanding.  This mindset means that you can finally be yourself; and you will encourage other people around you to be themselves too.  No-one has to exhaust themselves trying to do things and be things that aren't right for them.  This is supportive of good mental wellbeing. 

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