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"When we live in a culture of evenhood, we show kindness, respect, compassion and understanding.  We care for each other; we offer support and we aren't judgemental. We encourage others to be themselves and value them for who they are.​"

For you - 

if you aspire to this . . . 

"Since working with my coach I have a better understanding of the sort of working environment that helps me perform to the best of my abilities. I have a clearer sense of purpose and know what my strengths are.


I now feel more engaged with my work. I don't worry about working hard to 'fit in' because I can be myself and I feel valued for what I have to offer.


As a result, my personal resilience is stronger. I feel more confident, more able to operate at my best and am more productive."

For Personal Resilience


Jonathan Phelan

Personal Resilience Coach

Inspirational Speaker

Culture Training


CV headlines

Leadership roles with Financial Conduct Authority

Financial Services Regulation Expert

Vice Chairman - Charity Board

Executive Coach


For organisations - 

if you aspire to this . . . 

"Our people say they feel engaged with their work and aligned to our purpose.

We don't expect our people to 'fit in' and be a certain defined type of model employee. We encourage our people to be themselves at work.


Each individual is hired for their unique personal skills and we aim to create a positive cultural environment that they are comfortable working in. This helps them perform to the best of their abilities.


As a result, our workforce is more productive, more engaged with our purpose and has stronger personal resilience."

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