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because "Mental Health Matters"

Your mind is the most important thing that you have.

Now you can look after it, whatever your age.

With these books, from Evenhood




For the younger generation 

Join Boo-Bear as he goes in search of his favourite things.  To help younger readers discover the four essential elements of a healthy mind.

For teenagers and young adults

Use the exercises in this workbook to manage your wellbeing, strengthen your resilience and support others with theirs.

For adults

Discover how to have mentally healthy conversations to give and get support for wellbeing

Books By Jonathan Phelan

For everyone

Use your Wellbeing Journal to mindfully reflect on your day to day mental wellbeing.  

For everyone

A brief introduction to the essential elements of a healthy mind, as promoted by Evenhood.  Discover how to manage your wellbeing and strengthen your resilience.

Evenhood's aim is support for wellbeing, not profit.

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