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Books By Jonathan Phelan

Be A More Resilient You

(ebook and pdf)


by Jonathan Phelan













This short ebook . . .


#1 sets out a step-by-step guide so that you can discover the environments that have an impact on your wellbeing


#2 provides you with tools to help you develop resilience in challenging situations


#3 ​helps you improve your wellbeing

This booklet is particularly useful to help people gain a better understand of how the different environments they encounter have an impact on their mental health.  The booklet provides a step-by-step guide to help people achieve greater resilience.


ebook £1.75

The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation

(Paperback and E-reader)


by Jonathan Phelan













This book . . .


#1 inspires you to talk more openly about your mental wellbeing

#2 shows you how to have more effective wellbeing conversations

#3 shows you how to provide support to others

#4 helps you improve your wellbeing

A moving and personal story of the tragedy of a child bereavement and its impact on Jonathan's mental health. Yet also an inspirational journey through some amazing insights into how conversations about wellbeing can be made more effective.  Through this book you'll learn how to have more effective conversations so that you can get, or give, support for wellbeing. 

paperback £6.45

ebook £4.90


"I'm reading [Jonathan Phelan's] latest book which I believe will change the way people think 100 percent! . . . The book comes from a good place, it is wholesome, challenging, engaging, seductive and should be on every person's book shelf, whatever your occupation!"

Marc Ewen  - Mental Health Trainer

About Jonathan Phelan

Author of "Be A More Resilient You" & "The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation"

Motivational Speaker | Resilience Trainer | Wellbeing Coach

Corporate Leader | Financial Services Expert | Lawyer 

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