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Books by Evenhood

Discover how to create an environment around you that supports positive wellbeing, enables you to perform to your full potential and helps you stay resilient in challenging situations.

For everyone

Follow these 12 practical and straightforward steps to help you manage your wellbeing, strengthen your resilience and have supportive wellbeing conversations with others.

Workbook front cover.png
For teenagers and young adults


Helping you explore your environment to discover the situations that have the biggest impact on your wellbeing. Use the exercises in this workbook to develop mental toughness.

“The Art of the Mentally Healthy Conversation” rounded corners.png
For adults


Join Jonathan as he revisits his quest to find his Holy Grail which was to discover how to manage his wellbeing, strengthen his resilience and have mentally healthy conversations. Discover what he found and why it was so amazing he launched Evenhood to help others.

For the younger generation 


Join Boo-Bear as he goes in search of his favourite things.  To help younger readers discover the four essential elements of a healthy mind.

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