Warning. "Resilient Resources" on display!

Articles about mental wellbeing often start with a "trigger warning" intended to help steer people away if the content of the article might have a negative impact on their wellbeing. Wouldn't it be nice if we saw an equal number of articles with "resilient resources" on display, to help spread the word about what can help with resilience?

"Trigger Warnings" are frequently dished out when it comes to mental wellbeing articles. Sharing what it is like to have a mental illness is vital to help educate others that it is, in fact, an illness and nothing to do with being weak or incapable.

So sharing personal stories about mental ill-health is generally a good thing. And it is sensible to start with a trigger warning, so that the article doesn't have an undesired negative impact on the reader.

If I wrote an article about my mental illness I'd have to give a trigger warning; because I'd be telling you my story about post traumatic stress, brought on by a child bereavement, specifically a stillbirth. And I'd be telling you that PTSD consists of awful flashbacks to that tragedy, along with even worse flash-forwards as my brain anticipates new tragedies because it is now hyper-vigilant as a result of my condition. And when the hyper-vigilance is really bad, I get depression. So my personal story would look something like this.